Un-Lucky 13


Suspicious activity is once again centering around Missoula’s Shady Grove Motel and the infamous room 13.  Unconfirmed sources have indicated that the body discovered this Monday was that of a Missoula undercover detective who was investigating several mysterious disappearances linked to the Shady Grove Motel.

IMG_20170207_163135Police will not confirm or deny any facts relating to the ongoing investigation.  Public pressure is mounting to find the parties responsible.  Rampant speculation places the cause of the disappearances as relating to human trafficking, narcotics, and there is some talk of a serial killer who still remains at large.

Over the past year a total of four people have checked into room 13 never to be seen again.  Anonymous sources inside the Missoula Police Department have released that the room had been under intensive surveillance as of late and they are at a loss as to how the responsible party was able to murder the detective and escape the scene without being spotted.

We are entrusting you and your skills to reveal the secrets as to how the killer eluded justice.

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