Jail Break


It appears that SOMEONE has pulled off the perfect crime. You all were the target of a devious and conniving mad man who has framed you for murder. The evidence against you is damning and undeniable. Aside from each other you have no alibis.

Here you sit in the local jail awaiting transport to a maximum security prison upstate where you will likely never see the light of day again. The local Sheriff, Buford T. Justice, is leaving for his weekly shave and haircut and will be back in just 60 minutes. This is your only opportunity to find a way out of this mess…act fast! The good news is that escaping this local jail is not a new idea.

Two years back a couple of inmates, Red and Slim managed to make the slip and rumor has it that they left clues hidden throughout the jail on how it’s done. Oh, and you should know, the sheriff doesn’t always lock his main door but it is alarmed and the second the alarm trips the whole place is locked down and escape will be impossible.

So BE SURE to find that alarm pass code and disarm the alarm before trying to open that door!
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