Below are some answers to common questions about our escape rooms:

How much are tickets?

The cost is $23/adults and $17 for kids under 18 years old.


How many people can participate?

The minimum amount of people needed to play a game is 2 people. The maximum allowed for a game is 8 people

** Please note that if you are booking for a smaller group of 2-4 people, there is a chance that another small group will participate with you.

If you do not want any other people to join your group, you must book at least 6 participants for your room.


Are Walk-in’s Welcome?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of how escape rooms are set up, prepped and reset after each use; we cannot accommodate walk-ins.  Bookings are done by appointment only.  We are only open and in the store if we have games scheduled. You can reserve your spot on this website or call us at (406)880-2794.  If you need to book on short notice, please give us a call.  We will make every effort to  schedule for a time that works for you!


Is there an age limit?

Children younger than 13 must be accompanied by an adult. Our rooms are not scary but some of the clues and riddles may be too difficult for children to understand and solve. However, sometimes they notice and observe things that adults may overlook which ultimately can help you solve the puzzles to escape the room. We are family friendly and encourage you to bring everyone in.


When should I arrive?

We encourage you to arrive at least ten minutes early. This allows for us to go over some information on the types of locks you may encounter in the room, as well as some other basic instructions.

**Please remember other groups may be scheduled to start after you which is why we ask that you please be courteous to fellow game players and show up on time.


How long does it take to escape?

You have 60 minutes to finish the game, meaning escape the room. It is possible to escape earlier, but 60 minutes in the maximum time allowed for each game.


Where is the escape room located?

We are located in the Stephen’s Shopping Center at 2100 Stephens Ave #107. We are located right next door to Painting with a Twist and across from China Garden. Please call or e-mail us if you need help finding our location.


Should I bring anything with me to the Escape room?

No, just bring a sense of fun and adventure. Everything you will need to play the game will be provided inside the room. There is no need for prior knowledge or experience of escape rooms necessary to play the game.


Will we be locked in the room?

The room will not be locked and players who feel they need to exit the room may do so at any time. However, should you choose to leave, you will not be allowed back in the room and will need to wait in the waiting area until your group is finished. Refunds will not be issued for individuals who leave the room early and no extra time will be given to teams who have individuals that leave.


Can I make changes to a reservation or get a refund?

Again due to the nature of escape rooms and how they are set up, bookings are non-refundable. However, we will be happy to reschedule you and your group with 48 hour notice.