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Jail Break

It appears that SOMEONE has pulled off the perfect crime. You all were the target of a devious and conniving mad man who has framed you for murder. The evidence against you is damning and undeniable. Aside from each other you have no alibis. Here you sit in the local jail awaiting transport to a […]

Break Out - Missoula

The Secret Laboratory

A deadly breakout of the goat flu is quickly sweeping the globe killing everyone and everything in it’s path. The leading researcher in the development of an antidote, Dr. Pepper, has gone missing and is presumed dead. It has been rumored that he had JUST discovered the secrets to making an antidote that will cure […]


Un-Lucky 13

Our guy was on a stake out tracking the Missoula Mob’s movement from an old hotel we like to call 13. Everything was going as planned until 13  became compromised. By the time we got back up to his location he had been murdered.  All doors and windows leading in and out were locked. We […]

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